Onsite inspection of damages

A project manager will do a thorough walkthrough of the home to assess the extent of damages.

Thermal imaging cameras allows us to detect unseen damage behind walls or underneath flooring and our fully equipped moisture meters directly measure the moisture of material to ensure all affected areas are addressed.

Extraction of standing water

Removing any standing water is the first step in mitigating damage caused by a sudden water loss. A-1 is ready to service your property with our fully equipped extraction van or our portable extractor.

This equipment allows us to provide efficient service to residential and commercial properties alike!

Removal of unsalvable material

After standing water has been extracted any wet material must be removed if it is unable to be dried to IICRC standards. A-1’s experienced technicians are trained in the removal of drywall, paneling, ceiling tiles, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile, wood and much more. A-1 will remove and dispose of all unsalvageable material.

Structural drying & dehumidification

Structural drying and dehumidification are an integral part of the drying process and A-1 is ready to handle both small and large losses with our inventory of 200+ pieces of commercial drying equipment.

We can provide axial, radial, or centrifugal fans along with large or x-large refrigerant dehumidifiers to ensure your property is dried to standard. We also utilize non-invasive drying techniques with our injectidry and floor mat system to minimize the amount of unsalvable material.

All of our commercial equipment is energy efficient and will not raise the cost of your electric bill during the drying process.


To ensure the drying process is working efficiently a project manager will set up a time with the property owner to return daily until drying is complete.

This monitoring is vital so we can adjust our drying plan as needed and restore your home to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.